Welcome to JAMA, Journalism Advertisement Multimedia Animation Hub.

JAMA Institute is a professional IT industry training institute and serves its best for the development of candidates, by preparing them for future goals of the industry and offers 100% Job Placement Guarantee or Money Back.


JAMA originally Journalism Advertisement Multimedia Animation  was named upon the logic of learning art and enhancing the latest technology to the maximize output.


JAMA is proud to announce that it’s distinctively recognized by almost all well-known names in IT industry.

Why Choose JAMA?

JAMA Institute is the only Animation Multimedia Web Design Journalism Institute that offers industry standard courses and practical hands-on experience and provides written job guaranteed courses.

  • 100% Job Guarantee or Money Back
  • Industry Standards Practiced
  • Quality Assistance assurance
  • One to One Project & Software Training
  • 10+ years of experienced Faculty in multimedia animation education and production


JAMA Institute (Journalism Advertisement Multimedia Animation)
is a professional education institute
with the aim of providing quality specialized training in the field of
Graphic DesigningAnimationMultimedia, and Advertising.

JAMA has 10,000+ Individuals & corporates
who has benefited from its professional program

Highly experienced faculty from various disciplines are providing JAMA’s services
with life long vast and varied experience coupled with expertise in techniques required
for arranging and attaining the said objectives for our valued clients.


    Faculty members at JAMA are well versed with their domain of expertise and have prior experience on how to nurture a candidate into an industry professional. As teachers, they explore, impart and test new software in various disciplines to students.


    The program is well versed and built in order to deliver the best possible outcomes to students career. Jama Institute is the only one which delivers industry level training to students in their respective niches.


    Program courses are designed accordingly to deliver Industry level training which assured 100% Placement in a well-recognized company.


    JAMA is well-known institute with recognition from the major brand in the industry and focuses on what is required.


Jama is based out to deliver the best possible outcomes to student’s career and help them make their mark in the industry. With Jama Institute’s top-notch quality Industrial training, we are focused on providing 100% Placement guarantee to the students, the faculty ensures that students learn all pros and cons of the tools and are given an exceptional edge on learning.

When you’ll enter into Jama Institute’s learning environment, you’ll get know that you are at the right place; a place you can explore, learn, adapt to a whole new world of possibilities. Jama offers you with a perfect mindset which lets you build skills, adapt to the industry level environment and reach new skies. Come! Join one of the courses today!


Master in Animation Course

Master in Animation Course is a highly focused professional training qualification designed to prepare students for careers in digital multimedia, animation, and VFX art.

Master in Animation CourseCheck details
Video Editing & Post-Production

Composition & Editing Course is designed to make you proficient in nuances of digital art and animation which transforms you into an industry professional.

Video Editing & Post-Production Check details
Master Multimedia & Animation

Multimedia Studio (Graphic + Web Designing) Course is a highly focused and in-depth professional training qualification designed to prepare students for careers in various concentrations within the specialization of digital graphics, web designing, web animation, web hosting and advertising.

Master Multimedia & Animation Check details
Graphic Designing Course

This course prepare students for careers in various concentrations within the specialization of Graphics, Responsive Designs, Video textures, & commercial designs.

Graphic Designing CourseCheck details

This course will train you on all aspects of know-hows which will help you transform your personality into a visionary one.

Master multimedia Post-production & AnimationCheck details
Interior Designing Course

Interior Designing course helps you master all aspects of interiors and add room for creativity for better project management.

Interior Designing CourseCheck details
Web Designing & Hosting

The Course features all necessary aspects of Web designing and how to run it effectively on the internet.

Web Designing & HostingCheck details
Post Production & Animation Course

Get friendly with Animation and advance your movie making skills with Post-Production.

Post Production & Animation CourseCheck details